Tips and Tricks

The first loop you play after starting the app will set the global tempo. Anything played after this loop will match the current tempo. If you stop everything this tempo will persist until you restart the app. This is a conscious design decision. We chose this mode of operation to support beatmatching with record players. When the correct tempo has been found multiple attempts to cue the app in sync with the record does not reset the tempo. Reset tempo by stopping all loops and do navigation (zoom or pan).


How do MIDI and AbletonLink sync work?

To enable MIDI you double tap on the surface, in the top right corner you will see four symbols – the third midi 5 pin din cable symbol is the MIDI setting. Tap the symbol to enable or disable midi. 

The status circle over the symbol is grey when MIDI is disable and fully white when enabled.

There are four combinations

  • MIDI disabled & Link disabled -> everything is disabled
  • MIDI enabled & Link disabled -> c3n play one sends MIDI sync to both to internal (inter-app) MIDI-ports and external MIDI-ports
  • MIDI enabled & Link enabled -> c3n play one sends MIDI sync to only external MIDI-ports, inter-app and inter-device sync is via Link
  • MIDI disabled & Link enabled -> inter-app and inter-device sync is done via Link, this setting is useful if you have another app doing the MIDI sync to your external gear

The MIDI sync, when enabled, is straightforward. Tap play of a loop or a scene to start any connected midi device. c3n play one sends clock pulses for one beat before it sends the start message. Thus, the connected devices have the correct tempo when they receive the start message.

Known Bugs

App sometimes freezes on iPad Air2 when connected via AudioBus. 

If you have this issue please contact us on the adress below and state what AudioBus apps you where using and how the crash/freeze occurred. 

First time launch issue

When starting c3n play one for the first time, after closing the tutorial video, the user interface might feel sluggish. You can fix this issue by killing the app and start it again.

Bug policy

We are grateful for all bug reports you send us. We always work to resolve bugs as fast as we can. We will put up info about bugs here to help you avoid/work around them.  

Something we forgot ?
email us at and we will try to help you out best we can.