Fredrik Uppsäll, Developer Designer Producer

How did you become involved with C3N?

I first came into contact with the project as a research prototype when studying for my Computer Science degree in game development. When I was ready to do my thesis work, I originally suggested doing a music application on my own. But, instead my supervisor Rikard convinced me to work for him on his research prototype. During the thesis work we had a lot of fun and really enjoyed working together. After finishing my thesis I temporarily left the project. But later Rikard asked me if I wanted to become a partner and try to bring a product to market. 

Why develop music applications?

It all started with my passion for live electronic music. When I began I always built my tracks with the Yamaha rm1x sequencer. In this sequencer you could easily map different sections of an arrangement to keys. This allowed the musician to improvise song structures on stage. Later when I transitioned to Cubase and VSTs this level of live interaction was lost and I was confined to DJing premade tracks. Later when Live arrived on the scene, I started experimenting with that. While Live probably is the best effort so far I feel like Ableton have almost stopped developing the live functionality in favour of a traditional DAW functionality. This burdens the interface with a lot of unnecessary complexities that get in the way of live performance. The problem with live and many products is that the UI is fundamentally designed for use with a mouse, a flawed tool for live performance. This has been cleverly patched Ad hoc with grid controllers but still falls short. With c3n play we started designing for touch interfaces from the ground up, no more WIMPy UI (windows icons mouse pointer). Later we might add hardware to expand our interface into the tactile domain but the interface will always work as a true performance interface as is, without the need for patches. I also believe that the tablet form factor can be ideal for stage use. 

Are there any special features that your particularly proud of?

I am especially proud of the way you explore the surface a dynamically create new performances and add new clips to scenes. This simple yet powerful process allows a novice to instantly have fun and the expert to shape and reshape performances easily. I am also really proud how the volume/filter sliders turned out. 

What is your background as an artist?

I started experimenting with trackers in my youth and played in a garage band. But I became truly obsessed when I stumbled upon the ReBirth by Propellerheads. I immediately started saving every penny and soon got my first setup (nordrack 2, Yamaha A5000 sampler, Yamaha rm1x sequencer). When computers matured I moved into the all digital domain using Reaktor and Cubase to make music. I had moderate success with a psytrance project called Imajica with a friend. I have played a lot of live gigs with Imajica over the years. So I am familiar with the challenges of playing live electronic music at parties.