Announcing c3n loops and c3n play one with Ableton Link!

We are happy to announce that we have just sent an update of c3n loops with Ableton Link to Apple AppStore. We are also removing the old c3n play app and are reviving it under the name c3n play one. It contains all the features of loops except you cannot upload your own loops, on the other hand c3n play one is free and comes with over a hundred loops for more creativity from the start, no in-app purchase needed anymore.


During the year since the initial release of c3n loops, we have added features demanded by our users. A panic button that stops everything currently playing. To enable this button you double tap on the surface. Another feature is the new tabula rasa button. Double tap the surface when there is no music playing to enable the button. Touch the tabula rasa cross in the top right corner. This will wipe the entire database of the app so you will be prompted a second time. We have also enabled the document picker import during playback. Now you add more content from your AudioShare app, Google Drive, DropBox, etc, while the music is playing. Furthermore, we have added a MIDI-out settings button, when enabled you can synchronise other apps and external hardware. If Ableton Link is enabled then you can only synchronise external hardware.

Beside the features, we have worked on improving the underlying technology of the c3n platform. Improving the graphics performance and throughput, allowing import to run asynchronous in the background, and improving the accuracy and reliability of the loop sequencer.

We run an almost 50% discount over the easter for the old version of c3n loops. When we release c3n loops we will increase the price to the 11th AppStore tier $10.99 / €10.99.