No app is simple enough !

When we first released c3n play, we thought the interface was so easy to learn that it did not need any further explanation. Try it out, and you will easily understand how it works, and what it can do. It turned out that this assumption was wrong!

 After showing our app to a lot of people, observing them while they where trying to get a hang of it, we saw some patterns emerge. Users with previous experience with music technology, Djs, producers, and the like, would actually learn the app by themselves, but, even some of them stumbled a bit. Users with no previous knowledge really got lost and often just gave up. Although we focus on artists, we still want everyone to be able to use our app. So how do we get users to learn how the app works? We tried to put up a tutorial video on YouTube, but we saw that views count was nowhere near the number of downloads we had for the app. And worse, we could not be certain that the views came from our users.

Our next step was obvious; we had to play videos in the app to integrate the learning experience. This was not an easy task, because we wanted the design for playing videos to be integrated with the c3n user experience. Last week we finally got our video player working. Now, we just have to make some great tutorial videos!